Oh, I Could Hide ‘Neath The Wings of The Bluebird As She Sings.

Another excerpt from Giggles, coming to you all the way from the Middle East.

Welcome to the land of living day dreams.
9:50 A.M. The desert sun bares down hard from straight above.
Hatches open, feet up, radio on; monitoring the radio for calls that don’t come, waiting for fire missions that won’t happen.
I close my eyes, not to disappear, but to reappear: in the driver’s seat of an old familiar car sitting outside an old familiar home. Peaceful October air passes through open windows. What starlight escapes the city lights gazes through to illuminate an old familiar bond.  My bare foot sticking out the open window catches a cool breeze and sends a chill up my calf. One hand resting on her thigh, the other lazily on my own, gripping a slow burning cigarette.
I close my eyes when she opens hers, and open mine when she closes hers–a child’s game for the wicked tired and the over worked. We make romantic exchanges with our eyes but very little is said out loud.
I look at her with loving eyes, leaning my head back on my seat.
“Hey Heidi… Try to smoke a whole cigarette with your eyes closed. Tell me when you get scared.”
She looks at me a little strange and I smile and lean my head back further, letting myself slide down deeper into that old familiar place. A long smile fades into a peaceful dream, and I rest.

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