…It’s A Thousand Pages, Give Or Take A Few, I’ll Be Writing More In A Week Or Two…

Dear All,
There is a common sound around these barracks, a noise we hear so often it is taking on an iridescent, cryptic emotion to it…a young man who can’t sing, barely hum in tune, and you hear them low and under their breath, sing the cadence that says what we are all feeling: “…and it won’t be looooooonng…’til I get on back home!”
Today is Sunday. For the first time in basic training this means a large amount of freedom. We clean, we do our laundry, we talk, we do sit-ups and push-ups, we square away our gear and we talk like Soldiers.
Common converstions of today: MONEY–who got paid and where they will spend it; The big Homecoming Christmas bash. A titty bar with old college chums. A gun and a large amount of ammo. Rent. Diapers. Motorcycles. New civilian clothes. DEBATES: What was the first sexual position ever performed. Chevys vs. Fords. Cars vs. Trucks. Gay vs. Straight. What race will mean in 20 years. 30 years. Murder vs. killing. Right vs. wrong. Writing vs. talking. And above all, men debate whether joining the Army was a good decision.
We got nine hours of sleep last night but still people hide in corners and take naps. Good soldiers are now studying, working ong weaknesses in their PT or taking apart their M-4’s.
“I used to date a beauty queen, now I’ve got my M-16!”
Everyone has written letters today. Receiving our first mail call reminded everyone that they miss home almost as much as home misses them.
“Used to drive a cadillac…with all my homies in the back!”


My Dear Family,
Today marks one week in Basic training. Little over two weeks here at Benning. It has been an intense ride, but I have already learned so many important things. Some the Army taught me, some life has shown me. For one, I know how it takes about a week exactly before my body adjusts to a new environment. For about seven days in a row I would wake up, here and I reception and feel shock realizing where I was.
Today I remembered why I came here. I was thinking much more clear than ever since I have been here.
Today was also one of the most eventful days for us. Today, we faced one of our biggest challenge here at basic–the gas chamber. Tear gas hurts like you wouldn’t believe. It feels like someone grabbed your lungs and rung them out like a wet towel. Snot pours out your nose. Our faces were coated in personal body fluids from nose to chin.
The two minutes after your vision clears up and you learn to breath again, it feels like it never happened…Oh, but that’s when they told me I had to go back in, guess I should have had the discipline to tighten my chin strap. Others dropped their gear completely and ran out of there. They had to go back in and get dressed. But I’m sure they will tell it like it was no big deal…every infantry man, a tough guy.

(Continuing on a later date)

Today has been much easier. (not the same today as the one on the front of the page). We did a little ability run. (A group run where there is an A,B,C,D group. A, being stellar runners, D being asthmatic obese National Guard soldiers). I was excited because I am in B group. It is my goal to make it to A group by the end.
I am happy to say that Basic Training has become much more physical.
We usually get up, do PT in the morning, then throughout the say, every “oops” equals five minutes of getting “smoked” (an exercise of Drill Sgt. Drie’s Choice.)
I feel like I have lost some weight and I look like it too, but my drill sgts. could care less, so we don’t get on the scale. They say if MEPS let us in, then end of story. “This isn’t Bally Total Fitness.”
Today I also got to make a phone call. I called a couple of phones that didn’t pick up, including Heidi’s. I left her a message. I miss her so much. Then I called Britt and talked to her for a long while. It was wonderful. I felt so connected to home. Every description, every plan for Christmas Break flashed images of beauty in my mind. I can’t wait. I come home on the 18th of December.
I love you guys.


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  1. I shall send Drill Sergeant Drie a box of Cigars, his smokes don’t last that long.


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