why I don’t post more: by giggles the druglord.

remember always.

this is not a blog.

it is a writing outlet for me that I use a blog site to post on.

I don’t write more because I don’t have to write.

see writing for me is like a bowel movement (stolen from a Chuck Palahniuk metaphor).

I write when I have something to write. shit or get off the pot. If I don’t have to write, its like I don’t have to poop.

sometimes I get faked out and sit down and let go a giant fart, but I don’t flush, and you don’t see it.

like a good poop, I always look back a few times to admire my work. and like a potty training kid, I am oh so proud of what I have produced.

I appreciate those of you who still come and look, and I encourage you to go back and look at old work, comment, criticize, it inspires me.

thank you,

Giggles the drug lord

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