favorite love poem creation

I’m madly intertwined in your intentions

as you are with mine

and I think, with a touch of whim,

they call this love…

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my favorite Beat poem creation.

by and by, we’re contact high

ridding the wave of the

collective cry.

everything melds but nothing touches.

Nothing separate but intentions


Let your brain be the reducing factor,

perception is free and your the


No solo judgments tonight,

the struggle is over,

its a collective fight.

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a mindless poem. like a beat-poet would only like. cause its a mindless day.

My face itches like the wick of a candle

Purposeless I float,

looming like a fear of glimpsing art.

I, a sphere of understanding, no longer desire truth. But love.

No longer in need to be a sphere

I’ll be a pumpkin.

Free to be, now I know


That I’ll be me.

It’s mindless.

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stream of consciousness

Sometimes the right thought just finds its way into internal dialogue, an intruding truth,

about yourself or to your understanding.

Flashes of enlightenment one would only expect to find through study or meditation.

I was putting on my shirt—feeling out its fit. Looking for pants and my internal monologue just flowing right along. Imagined conversations or replayed memories. And “I think I’m peaking.”

I might have been thinking about the nature of my age. Feeling what I have felt lately about years gone creeping by and by.

I never let those thoughts go. Those intruding thoughts, I treat each one like a new born child.

I cradle them in wispy thought. It makes me chuckle from deep in side my ribs and leaves me with that feeling of muscle fatigue and deep sleep. It’s restful.

Sneaking thoughts are my equanimity. They are as close to spirituality as I might acknowledge.

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