a short story by Nicholas S Chandler, brought to you by Giggles… a present for my sister.

A man lives in the woods with his wife, or a woman lives in the forest with her husband.

The woman is a painter, a fantastic one.

The man is a writer, a troubled one.

These are equal accomplishments in these respected fields.

One day, the woman has set out into the forest,  and she brought with her these things:

A year and six months worth of work, beautiful paintings, a world of expressions, colors, spread with precious precision on valued canvas, a bag of nails and a hammer, slung across her hip.

One day, the man sits down on his typewriter and he brings with him these things:

A bottle of whiskey and a short glass of ice.

The woman returns home to find the man at the typewriter.

The man says to her, “Hello, my wife. Where have you been?”

The woman says to him, “Oh, changing the world.”

The man says to his wife, “Oh, have you now.”

The woman says to her husband, “yes. Look out that window and see what I have done.”

The husband looks out the window and sees one year and six months worth of beautiful art nailed to the trees of their forest as far as the eye can see.

The husband is shocked. He is happy.

“I have changed the world, changed this forest in the way that man can. I have left a human touch on the beauty of nature. and I am proud.” the woman is smiling.

The husband begins to weep.

The woman turns to the man, “and what have you done today?”

The man pauses, then points to the page hanging in his typewriter, still looking out the window at his wife’s work.

The woman looks at the page. One sentence centered in the middle

And it says:

Something is wrong here…

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something… A stream of mind.

I scribbled this into a notebook on a whim. slightly edited it, and transfered it on word, and now I bring it to you. something. a stream of mind.

I am struck with a coursing ambition—a need to do something. Write I guess, cause here I am. Its like a left over emotional need from childhood, a craving for adventure, or something close, or something more. “nothing exciting every happens in this old town.” Nothing but a young boys imagination.

I am in a perpetual morass in which I haven’t been able to fully dig out of despite many efforts and multiple leaps and bounds over tall buildings that I can’t ignore.

The puzzling contemplation of the situation is most of my life’s current plot conflict come from issues so mundane, or useless in and of themselves, that they hold no intrinsic value to my own system of thinking—my way of life—my way of teaching—way of living.

If I have a financial issue I am plagued by two problems: One, I have a financial issue that tears, burns, itches, away at my behavioral-conditional-useless, most basic psychology. Two, it occurs to my how silly I find the entire financial system. We use money as a representation for the amount of resources that should be available to you based on earnings that should be based on some type of hybrid balance of need and contribution, need… and contribution. –problem being the system is laughable—the system is completely fucked. No balance, equality, measurable contribution, and well, fuck need. That’s not really part of the equation.

Wait, contribution? Contribution to what? Everyone valuing their own direction—direction of society, direction of family, direction of self…

This is my cause, my case, for the dogmatic, enthusiastic, respect for those that have rocked the boat, rippled the pond, pondered to the point of tears, poured themselves to thought, thinking of a way to tear a hole in the very universe…

Its funny to me—its funny that those who laugh at the laughable, those who wildly cackle at us, bug eyed and enthusiastic about insanity, those who might say “you guys are all just playing their games, man!” are locked up in loony bins, nut houses, in psych wards, cutters who sit in their cell and pull their eyelashes out, pull them one by one.

I just wonder how long we will go with out a common goal…

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