the rib that was removed from society

What i believe: we are inevitably intertwined and dependent upon one another.

One man thrust upon solitude will digress into survival instincts and an id based exsistance. Its almost disappointing to realize, but we don’t actually know anything we only repeat things that we have heard. Our brains logic can than put things together like basic math passed into words. Through this simplistic principal we begin to realize that we are dependent on the family unit, the society, the basic communion of man in order to progress as a race.

I then ask you… why do we suffer from these governing bodies of capitalism, nationalism, and an over all system of living based on fear and consumption. We have lost sight of bettering our selves as one race of people and individualized our pursuit for advancement. We our over come with greed and hunger. Through elevating our standards for what survival is, we have become a materialistic people who will run this earth dry of its resources… And worse alienate one another to the point were will we no longer exist for any purpose but to survive.

the answer is simple “all you need is love”

love for one another people.

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  1. Interesting….we are social beings.

    The bible says that God didn’t want Adam to be alone so he took a rib from Adam to make Eve. (Obviously, your title made me remember this).

    Alone, most people would be stagnant. Personal growth comes from being with others.

  2. You can delete this comment after you read it!!! It is just for you!!
    There was a psychologist in the existentialism movement that convered this in depth…His last name is Kelly but I forgot his firt sname sorry… Anyway he believed that we construct our realities from one another… and that our social constructs are exactly that…other’s ideas and thoughts built to make our own. His other belief was in order to understand someone else you have to understand their social constructs first otherwise you don’t know the frame of refrence that they derive their ideas… GET IT?? I know thatis a lot but I will get his first name for you and then you can look him up.. The existentialism and humanist movements are my fave… I consider myself a humanist and I am working on developing that CONSTRUCT!! LOL …

  3. Maybe somewhere between ID and the mumble jumble we hear is a true human

  4. i think that is probably the truth…

  5. I think sometimes while studying psychology there is too much mumble jumble and it boils down to exactly what ur dad said..There is a human being in there…We overthink our exsistence and over consume goods… If any other species did what we do we would want to study them…which is why we seem to find ourselves so interesting.. LOL I wish we could just all live so much more simply…but I do not have the solution…just more questions.. I am but mere mortal… ha ha


  7. We are the mirrors of the universe, one of the only things that finds life easy enough to waste time thinking about something else. That’s it.

  8. Oh man, I really like that response…

  9. I’m intrigued as to what the “…” means.

    After air, food, shelter, there comes love followed by reproduction. That is life for almost everything that has life. We meet those needs so easily that we’ve got time to reflect.

  10. Does it make sense that reading your words feels like I’m…clensing myself?
    My god, I am so glad we stumbled upon one another.

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