there are always coments and never questions #2

this was, well in response to a coment on my blog… i think it helps explain things…

in response… im actually quite sure i could talk myself out of an ego(if you question this ask me about it sometime)… i dont have a deffinition of said spiritual guides but i dont think anyone can avoid it… but thats the whole point of the blog… you cant avoid it but you can use it for powers of good-specificly powers of modivation. thats what i mean by turning demons into minions…

but the trick to it is most people probably dont realize when there ego accomplishes some task of great triumph…

and this exactly where i am trying to use this revalation for self improvement(increased wisdom)… i some how feel that if i become more aware of my egos power of good, i will be able to increase that overall power and my effect on myself and the world around me…

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  1. Can you describe your ego?

  2. i could describe my ego in more detail than anything that i can think of twofish… and i could describe yours to…


  3. Will you do it on this blog so that we can be privy to this? I’d love to read this!


  5. when will we know its you describing your ego or your ego describing you?

  6. now thats a good point there my friend!! a very good question indeed…

  7. So giggles, always comments and never responses….

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