i write “…” cause i never think “…”

coffee and cigarettes are the taste of the intellectual.

there’s a wood door that’s standing in front of me… the rules of this door are that once you step through your on the other side… the moment i walked through, it turned black… for every color i have tried to paint it, it remains black… no longer a wooden door… it is made of black… i have imagined it in many different colors… i think to myself how wonderful it would look in a lovely shade of red. but the truth is i just dont have red paint… i stand in front of this alone and when you stand next to me and throw your white paint all i can do is watch the paint trickle down and leave behind no stain… your sentiment is wonderful and i come closer with all your throws to being able to imagine what it would look like in white… but the truth is i prefer to stand in front of this door alone…

for all my suffrage what pains me the most is that i could never be a martyr…

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three beer buzz

so i havent written anything in a while… mostly cuase i have had to many thought lately to aptempt to organize them. but i wanted to share this poem i wrote a while back… i like it…

3 beer buz

because of this three beer buz:
i dont love you any more than normal, but im 3 times more likely to tell you.

i dont want another beer any more than usaul, but im 3 times more likely to have another.

im not any more hungry than usual, but im three times more likely to eat.

i dont miss my old friends any more than i always do, but im 3 times more likely to leave them a message


i think this three beer buzzzz….. is dying off…..

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