there are always coments and never questions… and this is life…

at nineteen i moved in to the vacant room of an apartment with a part time dealer and a full time philosopher and his girl friend…

six months later i moved into a seven bedroom house with some party animals from work and a girl i had been dating for a couple of months… i had the master bedroom…

in 2007 while talking with some chums at work something truly amazing happened… articulating my pointless point with the most elaborate hand language, i some how trapped a fly out of mid air between my index finger and thumb… i had him by his limbs exposing his entrapment for the world to see… the conversation halted with a loud silence. we all stared at the miracle trying to decide what had happened… and for as many things as could have been said… no one said a word…

sometimes our expression take on a form similar to that of a child… we can raise them to be exactly what we want them to become. we can tell the world what they will become. but they have there own free will and they will in the end exercise it. when it comes to expression the free will is that of the reader, viewer, and interpreter… and we intake it. let it inspire, and maybe even change us. but in most cases our coments out way our questions…

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  1. That was the most improbable thing I have seen. I’m pretty sure. I don’t know how to quantify how improbable it was, but I’m sure it’s less likely than getting struck by lightning. Unintentionally catch a fly in betwixt the thumb and index fingers… now. Maybe, you have a fly magnet in your thumb… or better yet your index finger.

    As a side note, I have realized that there must be some truth out there and no matter how ridiculous it is it is. Take this for instance. If the universe has dividing complexity and there is actually only one type of particle that is the most basic building block of everything that exists, then we still would no be able to explain why anything exists. We could describe how the particles acts, and that’s it. There is no why or how it just does. That means there could be other situations that just are. They don’t explanation they just are. If I were god then I would be god end of story. If my computer controlled the universe, then it controls the universe get over it.

    My point is this. Even our best descriptions or explanations of existence have a foundation build on something with out logic. We can’t explain everything. Even in theory. At some point it always come down to, “it just is.”

  2. And truth will not be discovered. That just is.

  3. …and what ever happened to “either my vagina is acidic or your dog is chewing on my underwear”??/

  4. Giggles that is truly an amazing story. What appears to others as being huge life altering experiences; like living in uncontrolled party houses, is incredibly meaningless when it comes to defining who we are.

    Although I don’t claim to know who you are, my impression from this story is that you don’t lay your life in front of you as it appears from the surface (others perceptions). You grabbed that fly out of mid-air like you grab your ideas, your decisions, your emotions, ect… nothing is black or white, nothing is inevitable, nothing is certain which is why you will never truly be defined.

    I also feel that you understand and find the significance in the simplest expressions. Catching a fly like you did to one person could just simply mean they caught a fly. To another it could signify that they are in more control of their reality than most people know. To another it could mean that anything is possible despite what the “odds” say and despite what the past has shown.

    Like when a baby first wraps their tiny hand around a father’s finger immediately after being brought into this world, the smallest gestures could have more meaning and significance and purpose than anything else ever could.

    I apologize if I missed the true point of your story Giggles but I have thou roughly enjoyed thinking about your experience and trying to imagine how I would interpret the event…keep catching those “flys”

  5. no one got this blog at all… so if you have questions please ask… my bad for not explaining…

  6. student4life…

    wow… i think that you have a way have interpreting things were they(the interpretations) will always come out the truth… but in the case of the interpretation of this blog… no its not what i ment of it… its much more simple than that… but i left it unexplianed so that everyone could have there own interpretation… and thats actually what the last paragraph is about… so your interpretataion shows i have succeded in that sense… but i look back and find this blog sloppy in an artistic sense…

  7. Other than the obvious fact that the fly was as blind as a bat, not to see your hotdog sized fingers waiving in the air. I would consider all these events as Synchronicity, an experience of two or more events which occur in a meaningful manner, but which are causally un-related. In order to be synchronous, the events must be related to one another conceptually, and the chance that they would occur together by random chance must be very small. Or Perhaps you and the fly consulted with the same real-estate lady…..P.S is the fly O.K ?

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